Related Services

The following are some of our additional services that we offer to our clients. Please note that if you are interested in any of the services, you must let us know immediately through the methods listed here below so we can process your request right away.

Corporate Email Set Up

For you to be a legitimate business, you need a corporate email so you can connect with your customers formally. We will set it up for you and maintain it for you. For just a fee, you won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up and maintaining your email server because we will do everything for you. At the same time, if you are looking for your domain, we have a lot of ways to help you with that, just let us know.

Prototype and App Development

If you are looking to scale your business and you are thinking of creating an app, then you should contact us immediately. We have a team of developers who can help you in creating your prototype and sample so you can start to develop your business ideas. Our mastery in this field can really help you scale your business to the next level. If you also have an idea that you want to explore, feel free to drop us a line so we can help you with brainstorming and planning for your next big business. 

Technical Training

If you want to make this your career, then you should also let us know so we can help you with our technical training. Our trainings are open for everyone regardless of gender, age, and nationality. We just want to train as many as possible so we will have more experts in the field. In this way, there will be more people who can do the jobs and in return, will create more opportunities for everyone in the future.